Level 3 Carecuff

ELITE recognise that the use of traditional rigid restraint systems leads to an increased risk of cuff-related injuries such as broken bones, CT syndrome and cuts from self harming to both parties, and are therefore not always an effective solution.

Studies suggest that it as many as 1 in 20 people who have been handcuffed suffer “Handcuff Neuropathy” (technically known as Cheiralgia Paresthetica, a superficial radial nerve branch compression mononeuropathy). Also metal handcuffs can be quite heavy and can be difficult to use, especially as the wide range of models available often means that users need to master a new technique should they ever want to employ a new restraint system.

Whilst no means designed to replace the standard issue handcuff used by law enforcement and military agencies globally, the new Care Cuff product is designed to compliment the equipment choices based on situations arising, it is based on a principle of less lethal force, via a reduction in application harm, self harm and removal harm to the restrained persons, being more suitable for the Mental Health sector, Young offenders, or any fully supervised restraint.

With Care Cuff you still retain the ability to front and rear stack the restraints for maximum comfort and control, and the addition length loop system allows the medical application of a tourniquet for the average upper arm.

Care Cuff was eagerly and well received by International Law Enforcement Trainers at ILEETA Police training Conference in Chicago USA.

The Velcro fastening system is strong and resistant to tampering when applied using our recommended techniques. Users of the Care Cuff have provided positive feedback, particularly when employing the methods taught in our training course.

The Care Cuff is a robust fabric-based restraint system designed to overcome the limitations of traditional rigid restraints while providing the added advantage of being safe for both parties, strong and effective, and easy to use.

Being both designers and users of the system, we have also designed a training course that offers users the opportunity to learn the safest and effective means of applying the Care Cuff in any situation – be that with compliant or non-compliant subjects people, in a way that is both law-abiding and effective. Anyone wishing to use this system must attend training through our center (for those with current handcuffing certification a transition course is available). The course includes law, legislation and medical application of tourniquet system.

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Venue: Elite Academy of Security Training