Elite have been working on a mapping project and training provision for a group who undertook a IBA bodyguard course and would like a SIA licence to practice qualification to assist with employment, if this works out and is acceptable to our Awarding Organisation we will be offering this worldwide. We are attempting to undertake this in line within the SIA’s guidance information.
“Close Protection Training – Exemption Arrangements”
Close protection operatives may seek to have their prior training taken into account, regardless of nationality. This process is known as ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL).All of the awarding organisations offering the qualifications we require for close protection licensing have a policy on RPL.
You should,contact any of the training providers offering SIA licence-linked training and ask them to consider your previous learning under their RPL policy. Please ensure that you have evidence of your prior training and qualifications when you contact the training provider. They will be able to advise you on whether you should undertake refresher training or a full course.It is important to ensure that training remains current. Therefore, qualifications allowing exemption from the SIA approved training must be no more than three years old. All candidates must take the knowledge test and practical skills assessment.

The programme will be 5 days and cost £400 in the UK